Emerald Certification

JDM Bogota offers you two certification options : Rodrigo Giraldo Gemlab  GIA  and CDTEC  Gemlab


JDM Bogota offers you the choice of two foremost and prominent emerald certifiers (and other colored gemstones)  in Colombia and the world : CDTEC Gemlab   and Rodrigo Giraldo Gemlab GIA . Pricing is dependent on   the   carat  weight  and class of  the emerald. Contact us for  details  (* Note, cert. prices in Colombia  are in the economy range compared to North America or Europe)  



The CDTEC laboratory is a specialized entity in the certification and identification of gems, especially emeralds, for which it has high-tech equipment and a staff with extensive experience in gemology and spectroscopy, thus offering a high-quality and reliable service.



Rodrigo Giraldo  laboratory offers services of analysis , identification and classification of all types of natural and synthetic gemstones Services include identifying gems that have been treated to improve their color or transparency and in some cases to report on likely geographic  origin .