6.43 Ct. Colombian Emerald Set ( Economy)

6.43 Ct. Colombian Emerald Set ( Economy)
Only 1 available

Original Colombian Emerald Set 

Shape & Cut : Emerald

Gemstone Weight :2.10 ct.

Gemstone Weight :2.60 ct.

Gemstone Weight : 3.30 ct.


Gemstone Size: (mm) : 9.2 X 6 X 5.5 mm

Gemstone Size (mm) : 10 X .6.3 X 6 mm

  Gemstone Size: (mm) : 11 X 7 X  6.2 mm


Treatment: Cedar oil

ENHANCEMENT : Moderate  (F2 )


Natural Colombian Emeralds Medium Green

Certification : Upon Request



We are a Colombian Company based in Bogota dedicated to the sale and marketing of Colombian Emeralds , DIRECTLY ACQUIRED FROM COLOMBIAN MINES OFFERING OUR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS EMERALDS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY.We also take orders for lots or parcels of Emeralds. We can provide almost any Emerald you are looking for at a very competitive price. , If you are looking for your engagement ring just buy the emerald from us and we will do the rest .

Our small team of dedicated makers and artists at JDM Bogota specialize in crafting unique and personalized jewelry pieces and accessories. We take great pride in our work to bringing you something you will love and cherish.

ALL OUR COLOMBIAN EMERALDS ARE Genuine GEMS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY and those indicated are certified by internationally recognized grading agencies ( CDTEC or GIA,) , UNIQUE IN LATIN AMERICA Certificates WHICH YOU CAN CHECK ON LINE

For items over 3000$ we can offer FREE SHIPPING .

Shipping to anywhere in the world

Pay Pal Payments up to 1500$ . Over that amount please consult us .

by Cirio on Oct 09, 2020

Lovely Emeralds...Safely Delivered...Awesome! AAA Service. Thanks !